PHATOAK takes denim and other luxurious materials, and combines the cool feel of ‘street’ with the sophisticated cut & quality of ‘couture’. Each piece is tailored, edgy and unique. 

Successfully launched in 2006, at a selected group of concept stores in the Netherlands, PHATOAK originally started designing for women who have an eye for original, wearable designs, for women who want to stand out from the crowd. Since than PHATOAK constantly works on new washes and fits, in their Studio located in Istanbul. Together with her husband, everything is passionately being developed and controlled in their own production-place. After the birth of her eldest daughter, the collection has grown bigger adding Phatoak-MINI and Phatoak-KIDS. Little versions of the PHATOAK adult line, only brought in the softest-stretch denims available and designed for babies & kids who are destined to be street savvy little fashionistas.

PHATOAK takes its name from the Dutch slang ‘vet ook’ (phonetically identical), which means great, exciting, and desirable.  That’s Phat!


the NEW !

PHATOAK is making a fresh step forward with a new logo, attitude and vision:  “HAUTE DENIM”

At PHATOAK we believe we can no longer remain blind to the fact that fashion has an enormous environmental and social footprint.
So we continue to producing more sustainable, being mindful of our resources right now.
Therefore we have added a new approach to produce on demand, the so called Made-to-Order, because we truelly don’t want to increase the worldwide problem of landfill.
We are careful about our waste, our water-usage and people. Our goods are washed in-house to have full control on all levels.

Another project we are working on is “UPCYCLE“: we are upgrading existing fabric and fashion to a ‘HAUTE’ level. So that can be pants turning-into jackets, or fabric stocks and cutted material having another purpose. Making edgy and unique pieces, for fair prices, trying to leave our fashion footprint as green as possible ! Find them here

Latest projects such as “1OAK”, acronym for “one of a kind”, where we really can show our unique handmade pieces, are only available online. Find them here

** MTO / Made-to-order: produced or prepared specifically when someone requests the item. With an extra feature that you can customize the item as desired.